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    Stepping over to December lunar, streets are full of the yellow color of apricot branches, people thrill to clean their houses and children are eager to prepare beautiful clothes for Tet. How about you, do you feel Tet is coming nearly?

    For Vietnamese, Tet is considered as a “spirit dish” that can’t lack of to transfer from the old year to the new year. This is the occasion for family members to meet each other, so anyone living anywhere also wants to come back home gather and reunite with their family. Not only that, Tet is likened to a connection wire between past and present reminding us of our origin because when we mention Tet, we will remember childhood memories, joyful and sorrowful memories and happy days of ourselves and our family. Furthermore, Tet is also the occasion for everyone to shed life’s troubles, worries of the old year and believe, hope for a peaceful, prosperous and successful new year. From the above meanings, Tet isn’t considered as a normal holiday, it is considered as a beauty in our culture and tradition.

    With the aim of spreading Vietnamese cultural beauty to international friends, HANA Asia chose Tet for the January event’s topic. In this event, besides eating together, we will organize a lucky draw to give 3 gifts for 3 luckiest clients. Of course, we can’t lack of traditional clothes in a traditional holiday, can we? Therefore, the dress code that HANA Asia chooses for this event is traditional clothes (clients can choose traditional clothes of Vietnamese or other countries). Especially, we also prepare a special gift for the client who is voted the person dressed in the most beautiful traditional clothes. Event will be organized at CWS from 12:00 PM to 02:00 PM on Wednesday, January 31st, 2024. We will prepare savoury dishes for you on this day.

    HANA Asia hopes that clients will arrange their valuable time to participate in this special event with us.

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