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    Stepping over to December lunar, streets are full of the yellow color of apricot branches, people thrill to clean their houses and children are eager to prepare beautiful clothes for Tet. How about you, do you feel Tet is coming nearly? For Vietnamese, Tet is considered as a “spirit dish” that can’t lack of to … Read more


    Perhaps few people know that November 19th every year is “International Men’s Day” because in Vietnam, this is an event that is not really popular and is still quite strange to many people. However, according to information that HANA Asia looked for from newspaper sources, this holiday was first held in 1999 and is currently … Read more

    HALLOWEEN EVENT 31.10.2023

    Halloween- which is organized on October 31st every year, has gradually become a familiar holiday for many Vietnamese people, especially young people. Following the information that HANA Asia searched, Halloween was imported to Vietnam more the 20 years ago and through the development of technology, this holiday became more popular similar to other holidays such … Read more

    MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL 26.09.2023

    Every autumn, both adults and children are excited preparing to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival – one of the typical traditional festivals of the Vietnamese people, takes place on the August 15th lunar month every year. According to the information searched by HANA Asia, everyone knows the Mid-Autumn Festival through three legends: Hang Nga … Read more

    Why Service Office is the environment of development?

    In recent years, there have been many changes in the choice of working space, and businesses are gradually shifting to the serviced office model. And this is considered a new working trend that helps promote the development of businesses because of the advantages that this model brings. 1. Community Working in a shared workspace, you … Read more