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    Features of HANA Asia


    A place to meet, cooperate and develop together

    HANA Asia has a wide range of customers, including incorporation, startups and local companies. Through appropriate exchange events, we promote meetings and exchanges between customers with the desire to create a community where cooperation and development can be achieved.

    • A community group to help you grow your business.

    • Connecting businesses together

    • Business combination service

    • Various events "Connect Together, Learn Together and Grow Together" of HANA Asia

    A community group to help you grow your business.

    • Public service support

      In addition to handling day-to-day tasks such as greeting guests, receiving mail, assisting customers in using office features, we also help build community by building business connections between businesses.

    • Creating an environment where you can express yourself
      with the power of community

      HANA Asia is not only a place to connect between companies, but also a place where each employee of each company can meet a new community, grow and find a place to belong. The growth and happiness of employees leads to the growth of the whole company.

    Connecting businesses together


    Monthly events that bring businesses together

    Connect and build businesses together
    From monthly events, customers will be able to exchange information with each other, thereby building business cooperation relationships to build a stronger and stronger HANA Asia tenant community.


    Information & Events


    At HANA Asia, various events are held every month, such as rental company showcases, lessons and hobbies. You can check scheduled events held from the dedicated app and register to participate.

    Business combination service

    As a service that connects members of the HANA Asia community together so that they can get to know, exchange and cooperate with each other to be able to solve problems inside - outside the industry and other fields (if needed). .

    Proposed Solutions
    Proposing solutions directly related to the problems
    Online platform
    Everything from consultation to referral and reconciliation can be completed online
    Nationwide connection
    You can connect with customers nationwide through the introduction of Tenants
    Video of workspace at HANA Asia
    This is a video introducing the facility of HANA Asia. You can watch a video of a typical HANA Asia space.

    Watch video

    Various events "Connect Together, Learn Together and Grow Together" of HANA Asia

    • HANA Asia plans and organizes various events based on the interests of members of the Tenant community

      You can join HANA Asia monthly events for free.